A year-long journey of encouragement, radical truth, and pure possibility for women and femmes who desire to disrupt
the status quo.
Facilitated and intentionally held by
Toi Smith and Renee Barreto
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Project Bloom is a year-long exploration and not a month-to-month exploration even though those participating are able to do so by paying in 12-monthly installments. Therefore, enrolling means that you are 100% responsible for the full program cost regardless of how much or how long you participate after the cancellation period expires. There are no refunds.

If after enrolling you decide that Project Bloom is not for you, you have through the end of the day on Friday, January 13, 2023, to cancel your enrollment by sending an email to hello@projectbloomyear.com. Upon cancellation, all further scheduled payments will be stopped and you will be removed from the program.

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